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The Web Site of the Anthracite Model Railroad Club

The Anthracite Model Railroad Club is an organization located in Hazleton, Pennsylvania, whose primary interest is model railroading in all its various forms. These include everything from the construction of our model railroad pike, to all the different aspects of the hobby - carpentry, electronics, modeling photography, etc. All of these go into the make up of our club's pike and are part of the enjoyment of our hobby. Our main concern however, is the ongoing work to portray in miniature, HO model railroading at its best, with an emphasis on the Hazleton, Pennsylvania area's rail history.

Please take some time and visit our site, and if you have the inclination, come to one of our Open Houses for a tour and visit. We would enjoy having you and welcome your comments. If you can't visit our club, then climb aboard and take a ride with us thru the net.




Hop on board one of our steam trains and take a short trip through a part of our pike in downtown Hazleton, circa 1940.

(This is a short movie taken with a camera mounted on the front of one of our locomotives. Its a Windows Media file and is about one meg.)




What's New At The Club

Be sure and check out our Open House schedules for 2018.
They are listed on our 'Events' page.


The Helix

Black Water Gorge


Our current project has been under construction now since early January and is the most complex project we've taken on in the last several years. We have moved the last ten feet of our layout and replaced it with new construction extending out an additional twenty feet. The new area now contains a helix built to connect our lower level track work to our upper level. Though we always had a connection it was mostly on hidden trackwork and our members rarely used it. With our helix now in place our guys have now taken to traversing from level to level on a regular basis. Take a minute and follow our progress on our The Helix page as we worked our way through this construction.


The photo shown is a portion of the benchwork leading up to the helix.


Advertise Your Business on the AMRS RR


        The Anthracite Model Railroad Society of Hazleton is offering your Organization the unique opportunity to advertise on our layout. Your ad will be placed on a boxcar and pulled by a locomotive on our layout during Open Houses.

Billboard Advertising on boxcars was a well established tradition at the end of the 19th century. Many colorful billboards were hauled on major railroads until the practice was banned by the Interstate Commerce Commission in 1937. Since our layout does not cross state lines we can legally haul billboard boxcars once again. At any given time your ad might be moving through Historic Hazleton, Jim Thorpe, or any of the other local towns and villages on our layout.

The Anthracite Model Railroad Society holds Open Houses on weekends in "Spring"," November"," December" and "January". This holiday season more than 3,000 visitors came through our doors! Our visitors come from all over North Eastern Pennsylvania, Central Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey, plus other states.

These Advertisements are designed to enhance the image of your Organization and will be seen as one that supports the community and supports efforts to provide wholesome entertainment for children and families. The cost of an ad is $50 per year for both sides of the boxcar, plus $10 for the cost of the car. At the end of the year you can keep the car as a memento of your participation or participate for another year. We will provide the appropriately sized art and prepare the car. If your Organization has a logo, it can be incorporated into the design.

Please contact Jim Hoegg at - for further details or information.



Adding Some New Sidings


The management at  Bethlehem Steel has requested that we add a siding for their crane at the south end of their mill complex. Since our crew was doing work in this area we are also going to add a siding to service the coke oven and one for our MOW crew.

Why don't you pull up a chair and use your browser to follow along on our progress as we do this work. The two sidings shown with gray track are temporary and will be the one to be replaced. Also the siding under the crane to the left of the main line.

As we've done on other projects, we are going to build this one off the existing bench work and put it in place after we are done. One of the main reasons for this is that it will save the scenery from being damaged by leaning over the existing bench work.  Also, since it will be hand laid track, it will save the back of the guy doing the track work.


Several pages have been added to our web so you can see our various construction projects from start to finish. Lots of photos are available showing the work done as we worked on the various projects. Follow the link to see our work from start to finish.





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