Its been about five years now since we constructed our backdrop for downtown Hazleton and its beginning to look a little shabby. The construction paper support is starting to warp and sag in various spots and has become a distraction from the entire scene. Even when it was new it did not quite match the look of what we wanted to achieve. However it was the best we had to mount at the time and we were somewhat satisfied with the results.

Recently, one of our members, Bob Brubaker, took a number of photos of downtown Hazleton at a location that fits in with our scene on our layout. He then resized the pictures to scale and printed and mounted them in a flat transparent cover. They came out just right as a backdrop for our Hazleton area. We are now going to remove our existing backdrop and replace it with the work that Bob has done for us.

All of our pictures below are thumbnails. Be sure to click on them to see the full size picture.

A picture taken right before we begin. Notice the cardboard buildings in the back. They are warped and starting to distract from the scene.
Another picture of our background. All the buildings in the foreground are fairly decent replicas of Hazleton buildings during the time period of the mid 1940s.