Our membership is open to all individuals regardless of race, color, or religion. We welcome new members and are always on the lookout for those who would like to join and enjoy the companionship our club offers. Our minimum membership age is 16 years old. If you should have an interest in our club, please be sure and contact one of officers as shown on our home page. We would enjoy having you visit and see our work.

We have the club open almost every night during the week, with one or more of the members working on different sections of the layout. In addition to working on the layout we also try to keep several sections open for those members who like to just run trains. We also have a full kitchen area and lounge for the members who like to just sit and discuss railroading or solve the mysteries of life. Lots of coffee is always available along with various types of soda.

Our meetings are held six times per year starting in January and every two months thereafter. The meetings begin at 6:30 and are usually one to two hours long.

Our Full Membership dues are $100.00 per year.

Our Student Member Dues are $10.00 per year for any full time student attending high school or collage.


Please contact one of the officers on our home page for further details or a membership application.