About the AMRS


The AMRS is located in Hazleton Pennsylvania, on Hanover Court off 22nd Street in Hazle Township. We founded our organization in 1990 and Frount_of_our_Building_6_15_01.JPG (14054 bytes)began our first club layout in the Old Holy Trinity School in Hazleton Pennsylvania. We moved from this location in December of 1997 to our present building. This building was purchased by the Club with money obtained from our fund raisers and personal loans from our members.


Our present building was a former bakery and required some major modifications to meet our needs. We started the renovation on the interior in Construction_on_building_March_1998.JPG (13393 bytes)December of 1997 and spent approximately one year getting it prepared for use. Walls were eliminated, two rooms removed, and a bathroom moved from the center of the building to an area in the rear near our lounge. We also needed to rewire the entire building, install new insulation, and renovate an existing basement area.  As of this date all the building modifications have been completed and we are in the midst of constructing our new layout. The bench work is complete along with the majority of the track work and we are now working to complete the scenery. We have approximately 90% of this finished.

The main layout is approximately 2,000 sq. ft. in area and contains about twelve hundred feet of HO scale track. It is composed of two levels.  On the lower level we have installed our main rail yard alongside the Lehigh river, several industrial areas, and a scene composed of Jim Thrope and the surrounding mountain. All of the trackwork on the lower level is handlaid code 83 blackened rail. The upper level contains a replica of the Jeddo Breaker, a compressed facsimile of Hazleton, the Ashmore Roundhouse, and several other interesting features.

We now have our Layout far enough along so that we can once again have visitors view our pike during our annual Open Houses. All of our future public displays will be announced well in advance.

We invite you to come and visit our club and meet some new friends who share a common interest. Our membership is open to all and we welcome anyone who is interested in joining our club. 

Our schedule of club activities is as follows:

GENERAL MEETINGS: are held in January, March, May, July, September, and November on the last Sunday of the month in our club building. They begin at 6:30 PM.

LAYOUT WORK NIGHTS: The Club is open for work secessions and operations on almost every night starting at approximately 6:30 PM. If you are a non member and would like to pay us a visit, please call or write one of our Officers and arrange an acceptable time. Our Home page has names and address.