Our Roofing Project


Every building needs continual maintenance and ours is no exception.  In 2007 we had to replace a portion of the roof on our clubhouse. Although its not as glamorous as most projects on the layout, it is nonetheless important and therefore it had to be done. And so we had a weekend shingle party. About twelve of our members showed up to strip off the old roof and install the new shingles. Luckily for us the weather was perfect during the two days we worked, and we completed the job done on time. Many thanks to the members who gave up their weekend to help out our club.



It's Saturday morning April 21st, 2007 and we have just begun the task of stripping the old shingles. On one section of the roof we counted six layers of shingles. I think the roof raised a couple of inches when we had all this weight taken off.
After we stripped some of  the leading edge we discovered we had to replace the wood nearest to the gutter. No big surprise as it was probably over 70 years old and was starting to rot out.
Installing plywood over the wooden shakes.
We've got the snow guard installed, and next we'll be putting down the tar paper, and then the shingles.
Another picture of our crew hard at work. Please take note of the distinguished gentleman in the green shirt in the left side of the picture. This was our supervisor necessary to complete the project.
It's Sunday morning and not a whole lot left to do. A few shingles left to install, and then some tidying up. Should be complete by noon.
We're just about done. One small area left to finish up, but done for the most part... WHEW!

 Updated September 19, 2019