The Gorge


The Gorge has been an area on our layout left unfinished for several years. The why is unimportant, but we have finally finished the project. Thanks mainly to Hugh Jeffrey.  The picture shown is a view with the area about half way completed.

If you look closely at the area you can count a total of six bridges that were placed and worked in over the river. Two of the front facing bridges are of a wooden trestle design and one of the crossings in the rear is a small wooden bridge which has been super detailed.  Two of our main lines cross this gorge and the bridges for these lines reflect this usage.

Enjoy the photos below and follow the work as it was being done.








An overall view of the area to be worked on. Some of the rough scenery has been completed and the basic outlines of the gorge has been set. The gorge is located next to our logging area and should fit in nicely with the theme.
A view from the front showing two of our wooden trestle bridges.
Another front view.
The view from the rear showing one of the main lines where a new bridge will be installed to replace the plywood board we now have crossing the gorge. This view also shows the narrow gauge line and the soon to be placed 'Dinky Creek' bridge.
It's February 20 and Chugger is getting ready to start the scenery on the 'Gorge'. Here he's rounding up and preparing the molds to cast several different wall sections for the area.
It's mid March and we can see Hugh has started to work in one of the tunnel protals. Also to the left in the picture we can see one of the stone retainer walls he has added. The bridge above is temporary and will soon be replaced,
Hugh has added another portal below the steel bridge in this picture.
Hugh is starting to color the scenery. He has already placed several of the tunnel portals and is working them into the scene.
The Dinky Creek bridge is being set in place to handle our narrow gauge line in the gorge area.
Two of the tunnel portals are complete and ready for business.
A look at the river and the bridges going over it. The area is almost complete with just a little coloring left to go.
Another view of one of the bridges crossing the river.
Part of the town of Dinky Creek next to the river.